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Photo Title Grade Description Price
Prices subject to change without notice. All coins subject to prior sale.
  1797 Silver Bust Half Dollar ANACS VF30 DetailsWith less than 3,000 total half dollars produced for 1797, a coin in any grade is scarce! We are offering this unbelievable opportunity to own this desirable coin! Grey Sheet quarterly is $52,500 for a coin in VF20 grade. The Trends for a VF20 coin is $65,000 and the PCGS list for a VF30 coin is $85,000! We have made the price adjustments for the Tooled-Cleaned designation by ANACS. $60,000
  1835 Capped Bust Left Half Dollar NGC MS65An underrated issue with a high mintage of over 5.3 million circulation strikes, but a small pop of 16/6. Dark to Medium toned with a myriad of highlights which include lilac, turquoise and rose. Deserves a second look at half the PCGS/Collector's Universe list of $16,500! Overton 103. $7,800
  1900 Barber Half Dollar NGC PF66 CameoA striking Proof Cameo example that is priced well below the Collector's Universe list of $8,000! $5,400
  1921 Missouri Commemorative Half Dollar 2 x 4 NGC MS65Priced to sell at well below the Trends of $4200! Rim toning. $2,760
  1925 Lexington Commemorative Half Dollar PCGS MS65A nice buy with the Trends indication of $600 and the CU/PCGS list of $690. Evenly medium toned. $575
  1798 Silver Bust Dollar Large Eagle NGC XF40An early dollar that is medium toned and priced right below the PCGS list of $4,850. $4,500
  1876-CC Silver Trade Dollar PCGS AU58A reduced mintage of Trade dollars was recorded in 1876 at the Carson City Mint because, for unknown reasons, the mint stopped production in April of that year. Thus, only a fraction over 500 thousand circulation strikes were produced. While obviously an AU example, there are just a few marks keeping it from the Mint State grade. The grey sheet quarterly for a Mint State 60 graded coin is $6500. White! $5,700
  1878 7/8 TF DMPL Weak PCGS MS64 DMPLA stunner! Vam 41-A. $4,800
  1878-CC Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS MS65A flashy, almost Proof-like example from the Carson City mint! Trends is $2200. $2,040
  1878-S Silver Morgan Dollar NGC MS65+When viewing this coin it is readily apparent why NGC graded this as a MS65+! Beautiful, white and priced below the PCGS list of $400! $360
  1878-S Silver Morgan Dollar NGC MS65 Trends is $300 for this San Francisco Morgan. $280
  1880-CC Silver Morgan Dollar NGC NGC MS63A pleasing example of the better date Carson City Morgan Dollar and priced below the Collector's Universe list of $800. $780
  1880-S Silver Morgan Dollar NGC MS67Priced at the PCGS list, this high grade Morgan is alive with eye appeal! $800
  1883-O Silver Morgan Dollar NGC MS64 A New Orleans Morgan. White! $90
  1885-O Silver Morgan Dollar DPL NGC MS66 DPL CACEncased in an old NGC holder, this stunning specimen has been awareded the CAC green hologram for apporval. A white coin with just a trace of midnight peripheral toning on the obverse. Priced below the PCGS list of $5,000. Deep Proof-Like finish. $4,800
  1888 Silver Morgan Dollar NGC MS66Priced comparable to the Trends of $625 and PCGS of $650! White! $600
  1889 Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS MS65A pristine specimen with just a little chatter in the obverse field which held the grade at Mint State 65. White! $360
  1890-O Silver Morgan Dollar DPL NGC MS65 DPLWe have this beauty priced at the wholesale Grey Sheet bid value, an unbelievable savings to the collector! Trends is $9000 and the Collector's Universe/PCGS list is $11,000. $8,500
  1890-S Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS65A better date San Francisco Dollar in this high grade, the coin sparkles with luster! White! $1,110
  1891-CC Silver Morgan Dollar NGC MS63Always a favorite, Carson City silver dollars bring a premium! Priced below Trends of $750 and the Collector's Universe list of $700. White! $660
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