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Photo Title Grade Description Price
Prices subject to change without notice. All coins subject to prior sale.
  1924 Silver Peace Dollar NGC MS64 BNOne available, no spots! Trends and PCGS list at $75. $75
  1924 Silver Peace Dollar with spots` NGC MS64 Ten available at a discount price. Trends and the PCGS list both at $75. $65
  1925 Silver Peace Dollar with spots NGC MS64 Two available at the discounted price. PCGS list is $75. $65
  1928 Silver Peace Dollar NGC MS61Priced at the PCGS list of $625, this coin has great eye appeal for the low grade. Key Date! $625
  1934 Silver Peace Dollar PCGS MS66Priced below the Collectors Universe list of $3400, this coin is unbelievably gorgeous and just a breath from being perfect! $3,300
  1849-C Gold One Dollar NGC AU55The 1849 Charlotte minted gold dollar has a mintage of less than 12,000 circulation strikes. The Collector's Corner/PCGS list is $4,750. $4,500
  1903 Gold McKinley Dollar NGC MS63Priced below the Trends of $1100 and the CU/PCGS list of $775. Nice! $750
  1915-S Gold Dollar Panama-Pacific Commemorative PCGS AU53Trends for an AU53 is $625. $550
  1915-S Gold Pan Pac One Dollar PCGS MS67A great price on this miniture commemorative with Trends at $9500 and the Collectors Universe list of $8500! Deep orange patina and tied for finest known! $7,200
  1916 Gold McKinley Commemorative Dollar NGC MS62Commissioned to be produced for two years, 1915 and 1916, and its sales were used to defray the costs of the McKinley memorial in Niles, Ohio. We have this low-grade specimen priced at the PCGS list. $600
  1922 Gold Dollar Grant with Star PCGS MS65Two varieties exist, with Star and without Star. The with Star variety has a mintage of only 4,256 circulation strikes. Encased in an old, green PCGS holder, this coin has an abundance of eye appeal! $2,850
  1926 Gold Sesquicentennial Quarter Eagle PCGS MS65Priced below the Collector's Universe suggested of $3450! $3,360
  1848-D Gold Quarter Eagle NGC MS61*A challenging issue in any grade as there were just 13,771 circulation strikes produced at the Dahlonega, Georgia facility. As with all of the Southern Mint gold, mint state specimens are scarce and quite in demand. Priced less than the Trends for a Mint State 60 of $10,500. Trends for a Mint State 62 is $13,500. Combined population for NGC/PCGS is 12/25 with no coins graded higher than Mint State 63. $10,200
  1851-C Gold Quarter Eagle NGC AU58A Charlotte mint beauty that has a pop of 21/22. Of the 22 coins graded higher, there are none graded over Mint State 63. It is reasonable to assume that any 1851-C quarter eagle in Mint State will run into the 5 figure range. Bright, yellow with the expected grade related abrasions but plenty of mint luster remains! Priced below the Collector's Universe list of $7800! $6,000
  1852-O Gold Quarter Eagle Liberty NGC AU53From our favorite Mint! Priced below the Collector's Universe list of $1250. $1,100
  1862 Gold Quarter Eagle Liberty NGC AU58Priced slightly above the Grey Sheet Quarterly list of $4500, this Civil War treasure is quite scarce in the AU and Mint State grades. Trends is $5250. $3,840
  1893 Gold Eagle Liberty NGC MS62Priced well beneath the Trends indication of $1250! No spots! $1,140
  1898 Gold Quarter Eagle Liberty NGC MS63A common date $2.50 in low grade, moves with gold so prices have been steadily rising! $1,080
  1899 Gold Quarter Eagle Liberty PCGS MS63A beautiful generic example of the quarter eagle liberty. Trends is $1200 and the PCGS list is $1030. $990
  1905 Gold Quarter Eagle Liberty PCGS MS62Priced at the PCGS/CU list of $865. $865
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