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Photo Title Grade Description Price
Prices subject to change without notice. All coins subject to prior sale.
  1908 Gold Eagle Indian with M NGC AU58Priced at the PCGS list for the Almost Uncirculated example! $1,145
  1909 Gold Eagle Indian NGC MS62A much better Philadelphia Ten even in this low Mint State grade. A nice, even matte finish and priced well below the Trends of $2650! $1,950
  1926 Gold Eagle Indian NGC MS63Priced below the Collector's Universe/PCGS list of $1850, a small cheek mark keeps this beauty one grade lower. $1,800
  1926 Gold Eagle Indian NGC MS62Two of these gems are available at below the Trends of $1300! $1,185
  1932 Gold Eagle Indian PCGS MS61Encased in an old, green PCGS holder, this coin has an abundance of pizzazz for the grade! $1,160
  1932 Gold Eagle Indian PCGS MS64Priced at the PCGS list of $2540, this coin is spotless and abundant in eye appeal! $2,540
  1932 Gold Eagle Indian NGC MS62Two available, both are nice! Trends is $1300. $1,185
  1932 Gold Half Eagle Indian NGC MS63Priced at the PCGS list, a small bag mark on her chin keeps this coin a 63. $1,845
  1850 Gold Double Eagle Liberty NCG VF35Important as a first year type in a long and storied series. Nice for the grade! $3,100
  1851-O Gold Eagle Double Liberty PCGS VF35The second year Double Eagles were produced in New Orleans, with a prolific mintage of 315,000 circulation strikes released. Always popular with collectors, this O-mint Twenty accurately represents the VF grade. $4,500
  1851-O Gold Eagle Double Liberty PCGS XF45We are offering another 51-O Double Eagle in a slightly higher grade than the other. This example has a bright gold appearance with the minor abrasions associated with the XF grade. $6,900
  1852 Gold Double Eagle Liberty Type One NGC AU58Virtuously impossible to find in the Mint State grades, the 1852 Twenty is quite scarce in AU58. A nice example priced at the Collector's Universe list. $4,600
  1852 Gold Double Eagle Liberty Type One NGC AU58A great amount of the frosty luster remains on this Philadelphia Twenty. A creamy gold appearance with few marks and a strong strike and priced below the PCGS list of $4600. $4,600
  1852 Gold Double Eagle Liberty Type One PCGS AU50Another Type One Twenty that is impossible to locate when you are looking for one. No disparaging marks on this AU graded coin. $3,240
  1852 Gold Double Eagle Liberty Type One NGC AU55It seems we have slightly cornered the market on this hard-to-find-when-you-need it date! $3,480
  1852-O Gold Double Eagle Liberty NGC XF40A nice example from our favorite Southern mint! Still has a lot of pizzazz even in this grade! $5,400
  1854 Gold Double Eagle Liberty Type 1 PCGS XF40 Small DateSeldom seen in this grade, a great collector's coin. $3,000
  1855 Gold Double Eagle Liberty Type One NGC XF45Hard to find Collector's coin! $3,000
  1857-O Gold Double Eagle Liberty PCGS XF45 CACExperts believe there are just around 200 existing specimens of the New Orleans minted twenty in all grades even though the mintage was 30,000 circulation strikes. This figure exceeds the previous year's total by about 28,000 but by no means should the collector believe the 1857 is readily available! Most of the New Orleans minted Double Eagles were produced using gold procured locally, which was limited, and resulted in low mintages. Thus, the O-mint Twenties are highly desirable among collectors and dealers alike. Typical proof-like luster remains visible on about 45% of the fields, with fewer abrasions normally associated with the XF45 grade. Truly an above-average specimen that is CAC stickered as well! $16,800
  1875 Gold Double Eagle Liberty Type Two PCGS MS62 CACWith billowy mint frost, rich rose-orange color and freedom from singularly distracting abrasions, this lovely BU would do wonders for a Mint State gold type set. Of even further desirability is the strike, which is uncommonly sharp by Type II double eagle standards. Original with an abundance of eye appeal, this coin should not be overlooked. $5,400
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